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Mill Hill Residents' Association

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How to contact us
You can email us at:

Mill Hill Residents' Association
c/o 21 Hammers Lane
Mill Hill
London NW7 4BY


Annual membership
£10 or £5 for the over 65s.
Please go to the membership form page and fill in the application form or alternatively send a cheque to the above address with the completed form or a covering letter.

Useful Links:

Vote for Step Free Access at Mill Hill Brodayway station

Object to the proposed Mausoleum in Mill Hill

Mill Hill Preservation Society

ICO to investigate slow responses to FOI requests


Council Links:

MHRA Annual General Meeting

The Mill Hill Residents' Association will hold our AGM at St. Paul's School hall on the Ridgeway (Map) at 8pm on Wednesday April 30th 2014.

This will be followed by a local elections Question Time where you can put questions to all of the Mill Hill ward candidates running in the local elections in May.

All parties running (Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, UKIP, Green and an Independent) will be attending this debate.

Members are asked to please send in their questions in advance as we anticipate there will be a lot of interest in this session and our time will be limited in the hall. Because of our limited time we can't guarantee all questions will be asked but we will try and fit as many questions in as possible.

About us

The Mill Hill Residents' Association was founded in 1909 by a group of local residents.

We are an association of people who care deeply about the uniquely historic area of Mill Hill, where the suburbs meet beautiful open spaces and leafy countryside.

The Association is a democratic organisation which does not act as a single issue pressure group. We have experience acquired over the last 100 years representing the views of residents to local government and other public services on a wide range of issues, which preserve the historic qualities and amenities of the Mill Hill district.

The Association is run through a committee which meet several times a year. Our current elected officers are:-

  • Chair - Richard Logue
  • Secretary - Kris Jiwa
  • Treasurer - Paul Edwards

We also hold a public meeting and an AGM once a year, which is usually attended by our local ward councillors.

Subjects we keep a close watch on include:

  • Traffic
  • Road Safety & Parking
  • Transport links
  • Planning & Conservation
  • Environmental Issues
  • Neighbourhood Watch & Policing

We welcome new ideas from members that do not fit these subjects at the AGM.

NW7 update

Barnet Council is set to pay out refunds on hundreds of parking permits.
Find out more including how you may be eligible for a refund.
Use can this form to apply for a refund for parking permits or visitor vouchers issued between May 1 2011 and August 1 2013.
Postal requests can me made by writing to: Parking Team, CPZ Parking Refunds, London Borough of Barnet, Building 4, North London Business Park, Oakleigh Road South, London N11 1NP .

Following on from reports of dumping and fly tipping at the junction of Wise Lane and Milespit Hill, the glass and paper recycling bins were removed on Friday 2nd August.
Residents can find alternative bins at Pursley Road, Flower Lane and Daws Lane car park.

MHRA Litter Pick Day
Our Litter Pack Day was held on Sunday 23rd June 2013, for a report and pictures from the day please click here.
If you would like your event added to this page please email us.
Meeting Presentations and Minutes

We had a public meeting on 24th September 2013 and the minutes and presentations from that meeting can be seen here.

Our last Annual General Meeting was held at 8pm on Tuesday 23rd April 2013.
Please click here for a copy of the presentation and here for a copy of the minutes.

Click here for a copy of the presentation from our public meeting held on 29th January 2013.

The first meeting of our Association was held in 1909 and the notes from that meeting are here.

Current Issues
Parking charges at Daws Lane park

We have found out that Barnet Council are conducting what they call a "pre-consultation exercise" regarding potential charges for the Daws Lane car park, and at the park car park off Wise Lane, both of which are currently free.

We consider that any charges levied at this car park would be detrimental to the quality of life for residents and especially for anyone resident in Poets Corner.
40 Short Stay bays and 40 Long Stay bays are being considered.
The proposed charges are:

  • Short Stay: 1 hour free, 2 hours £1
  • Long Stay: up to 4 hours £3.50, all day £5

These charges would be in operation 7 DAYS A WEEK so if you want to spend time at the park, you will pay for the privilege. Barnet Council want to charge commuters and Saracens fans - but we would all pay under these proposals, and lose out. Our on-line petition, which has now closed, was open for a month and attracted 383 signatures.
If you would like to support this campaign, please download a printable version

Tell us what you think.

Saracens CPZ
If you are a resident inside the Saracens CPZ you can be notified of future match days and find out when events are taking place by sending an email, includinq your full name and postal address, to
There are more details in the PDF file

The next Saracens CPZ will be in full operation on Saturday 3rd May 2014.

You can follow this link to the page on Barnet Council's website where you can apply for Saracens permits and vouchers. Please email us with your feedback on how the Saracens CPZ is operating in your strret.